Welcome to the Worm Gruntin’ Festival!

Our 2018 Sopchoppy Worm Gruntin’ Festival was a huge success.  The day was beautiful, the music was spectacular, the arts and crafts vendors represented the awesome talent that we have in our region.  The Worm Gruntin’ contest, horseshoe contest and hoola-hoop contest were a lot of fun. 
We couldn’t have done it without starting the day with our 5K race and without our professional Worm Grunters showing this timeless craft of earthworm gathering. 
Ending the day with Wakulla Rising and Two Foot Level at our Worm Grunters’ Ball  made for a truly exciting day.


RACE:  It was a beautiful morning for our race: Click HERE for 5k Race Results.  Thanks go out to everyone who participated and made it a great race! You can also see the race results on the Gulf Winds Track Club webpage.
Worm Gruntin’ Contest Winners:
  1. First Place: Jackson Lawhon   Age 9   Weight of Worms:  39 oz.  Prize  $25
  2. Thomas Kirkpatrick – Age 5 – 37.7 Oz – $20
  3. Evan Haddock – Age 7 – 32.7 Oz – $15
  4. Issac Murray – Age not listed – 32 Oz – $10
  5. Trevor Heatwolp – Age not listed – 31 Oz – $7
  6. Logan Austreng – Age 12 – 28.5 Oz – $5
  7. Honorable mention: Melodie Wages – Age 12 – 24.6 Oz – No prize money
Hoola Hoop Contest Winners:
    1. Hannah Tinsley
    2. Claire Blackwell
    3. Cynthia Milum
    4. Mat rah McClendon
    5. Mendi Vandewark
    6. Ariana Bacim
    7. Lexie McClendon
    8. Kathy Weir
    9. Contestant did not provide name
    10. Olivia Blaszczyk


    Horseshoe Contest Winners:
      1. Brent Wells
      2. Aric Voorting
      3. Chris Wells

      Our Festival Sponsors are shown on the right hand side of this page.  Please thank them when you visit their businesses!

      Some visitors to the Sopchoppy Depot Museum during the Worm Gruntin’ Festival on April 14, 2018 (the source is our sign-in log at the Depot Museum and it only represents a small fraction of the overall attendance, probably less than 1%, since many people did not enter the museum and many who did chose not to sign in.)  Home Locations:  Alabama, California, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin, Germany, Newfoundland Canada, Nova Scotia Canada, Ontario Canada, Toronto Canada, and many different cities in the state of Florida.  People come from all over to visit our festival!

      So many people love our 2018 Worm Gruntin T-Shirts. You can get them at Sand and Soul Designs in Sopchoppy (corner of Rose St. and Municipal Ave.)   Contact Sand and Soul Designs at: (850) 556-3081, or message them on their Facebook Page

      This is why we hold these festivals. We use the money raised to help our community:

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